A Seminar on Pakistan Army’s Role in Nation Building


A seminar was arranged by the Lyallpur Campus, University of Sargodha on 13-4-2017 in the Seminar Hall of the Campus under the Chair of Chief Executive, Lyallpur Campus. The topic was “The Role of Army in Nation Building”. Lt. Col. Mr. Asad Bashir, C.O Cavalry 12 was the Chief Guest and he delivered the presentation to the participants, which was knowledgeful and heart catching. The guest elaborated the role of Pak Army in different walk of life, like Education Seeker, Health Seeker, Anti-terrorism, Disaster Management and the Defense.

Question Answer session was also arranged the Chief Guest. The guest speaker also presented the Shield of Honor to the Chief Executive, Lyallpur Campus, University of Sargodha.

At the end Chief Executive, Ch. Khalid Mahmud admired the contributions of Pak Army and urged the students to serve the nation with the same courage and spirit as shown by the armed forces.

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