A Training Session for Students’s Advisors in Lieu of Students Counseling Cell

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A Training session for Students’ Advisors in lieu of Student Counseling Cell was organized by Quality Enhancement Cell, Lyallpur Campus on May 15, 2017 in the conference room. The Resource Persons included Prof. Dr Anwar ur Rehamn Pasha; Chairman Department of Computer Science & Information Technology and Prof Dr. Rahat Hossain Bokhari; Director Quality Enhancement Cell. In an interactive session, the resource persons poured light on various aspects of students counseling including, techniques, methods and behavioral upbringing of the students. The Students Advisors (as nominated by each department) not only participated enthusiastically but also brought to debate, the important queries to enhance their knowledge and skills required for this vital assignment. The session lasted for three hours and concluded with all the participants motivated and in high spirits.

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