Chief Execitve Message

ceo1A man’s intellectual growth depends on many outside factors and cannot attain maturity without long and deliberate effort on his part and on the part of his well wishers. A forest can grow by itself naturally but a garden cannot. A flower is pretty by itself but a diamond requires a lot of cutting and polishing before it will sparkle and scintillate into a thousand colours.

I believe education has a threefold purpose. It aims at physical, mental and spiritual well being. It keeps the body fit and healthy, the mind sound and vigorous and the spirit fine and sensitive. The first and last thing that is demanded of a knowledge seeker is love of truth. Nothing great in science has ever been achieved by men, whatever, their powers, in whom the divine inspiration of the truth seeker was wanting.

We want to emphasize the importance of ethical and spiritual values side by side with the advancement of scientific knowledge and research. The more we probe into nature, the more we realize the infinitude of Allah’s creative power. The purposiveness of the universe is recurring theme of the Holy Quran. This scientific coordination of the scientific spirit with faith in “Allah” is the special glory of Islam and rescues us from the cruel clutches of gross materialism and rapacity.

A good institution plays a vital role in lifelong learning. Students have God gifted infinite potentials and at University of Sargodha, The Lyallpur Campus, Faisalabad, we have provided the opportunities to step on the learning horizons. The Lyallpur Education Foundation, Pakistan and the experienced Faculty members are committed to strive collectively to achieve designated goal of providing quality education to those the dues. I and my dedicated team members will continue to contribute towards empowerment of our youth for social and economic development and a prosperous Pakistan. You, my dear students, deserve not only to be good but great. We want to protect your future and the future of your respectable parents and the brilliant future of the great nation of Pakistan.

May Allah bless you with His countless blessings. I welcome you at UOS, The Lyallpur Campus, Faisalabad.

KHALID MAHMOOD (Chief Executive)
University of Sargodha
Lyallpur Campus, Faisalabad