Department of Chemistry

Dr. Saira Shahzadi
Professor  & Head of Department
(PhD QAU, Islamabad)


Vision: –

  • To integrate modern teaching and learning methods in the curriculum.
  • To impart excellent training to students in the fields of academic and industry.
  • To induce the basic and modern knowledge of Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Bio Chemistry to the students.

Mission: –

  • To nurture a conducive environment of Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Bio Chemistry.
  • To get a leading position in the emerging biotech industry.
  • To respond to needs of chemical industry by preparing skilled manpower.


Faisalabad is the hub of industry. The textile units utilize chemistry to manufacture value added products meeting the international standards. This city is fame of different industries like paints, dyes, sugar, pharmaceuticals, detergents, fertilizer etc. In the light of industrial needs, the Department has developed state-of-art research facilities and has inducted top quality academicians.

Similarly Bio Chemistry is what happens at the molecular level. It covers the study of their reactions and what affects them and in what ways. The Department has formulated syllabi to produce the manpower, confident to apply Biochemistry knowledge in different span of living things.


Programs Offered

BS Chemistry

Eligibility: At least 45% marks in Intermediate with Chemistry as an

elective subject. One seat is reserved for diploma holders in

Chemical Engineering in regular program only

Duration: 04 Years (08 Semesters)

Degree Requirements: Minimum 124 credit hours


MSc Chemistry

Eligibility: At least 45% marks in BSc or equ. Candidates holding BSc/equ.

Candidates holding BSc/equ. in different format to UOS

are required to submit equivalence certificate from UOS

Equivalence Committee alongwith the application form.

Duration: 02 Years (04 Semesters)

Degree Requirements: Minimum 66 credit hours