Message from Director Academics

Professor Qurban Ali Awan

It is a fact that the world around us is in a transitional phase and developments are taking place rapidly in the field of science and technology. The Lyallpur Campus with all its resources is committed to excellence in various terms avoiding complacency to ensure that our scholars shall not only match the pace rather go beyond it. It is rather a compulsion on educational institutions to prepare our coming generation to address the challenges coming our way in the most viable and determined way. This can only be achieved if the students are upgraded in terms of knowledge management and creativity. The need of the hour is to embellish the intellectualism with wisdom, commitment and an attitude surrounded with a will to bring the change. I personally feel that our investment we are making today in our youth will reap us the benefits on individual as well as national scale in coming future.

Since its incorporation, the Lyallpur Campus has shown concrete commitment towards the fulfillment of its vision and mission. We aspire to ignite the wit and will of the Great Poet “Shaer e Mashriq” Allamma Mihammad Iqbal, the shaheen he envisioned, the urge to go beyond the stars and the will power (Khudi) which he tried to induce among the youth. We realize our responsibility with full zeal and vigor. However, we expect the part to be played by the elders, mentors and gurus of various academic domains. We in fact have attracted the most erudite scholars, researchers and teachers of all and now they take pride in becoming an integral part this educational institutions. With the self impression that Lyallpur Campus expresses among the masses is charismatic.

We envision to produce the best brains in Pakistan that should take pride in service to the nation. As Quaid said ” There is no power on the face of earth that can undo Pakistan”, this statement thrills the Directors, Faculty, Students to do the utmost and make the green flag fly higher. Our curriculum is devised to help the students not only understand the very concepts but to enhance their ability to dig deeper and to facilitate extension in the ongoing  practices while possessing the important skills like critical thinking, analytical comparisons and research philosophy. We take the term “quality education” rather too seriously and with the help of intellectual and experienced faculty, the existing quality standards are met and quality enhancement initiatives ate taken.

I on behalf of our visionary team feel compelled to ponder the unfathomable and to extend every possible help to build the society to realize the dream of Allamma Muhammad Iqbal. Together we share the ground to take the vision of Great Quiad e Azam far ahead. Long Live Pakistan.

Prof. Qurban Ali Awan (Director Academics)
University of Sargodha
Lyallpur Campus, Faisalabad