University of Sargodha (Main Campus)

The University of Sargodha has become an elegant center of Higher Education, in a short span of time, respected nationally as well as internationally for its brilliant performance in teaching and research activities. Our programs are part of research context, with students enjoying the benefits of working with research scholars, who are not only teaching but also ensuring that the latest developments are integrated into our study programs at different levels. The University of Sargodha remains Pakistan’s one of the most attractive University by recruiters especially in the field of Economics, Business Management, Chemical Industry, I.T. industry, Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals, Social Services, and NGOs.
adminbbDuring the last few years, the University has gone through a number of institutional reforms aimed at quality assurance in teaching and research. A number of newly emerging disciplines have been added to make the University education relevant to the future needs of the society. To cater to the needs of the Faculty and the students, over 1000 computers have been installed in the University and the number is increasing at a rapid pace. A local Area Network service is also available for access to the new knowledge in global village environment.

citThe University of Sargodha has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, which is imparting quality education and conducting meaningful research in scientific, social, religious and professional fields. The faculty also provides valuable guidance to scholars pursuing research in higher education. The University has a strong commitment to provide affordable education to deserving students through highly subsidized fee structure and financial support. A large number of needy and merit scholarships are available to the deserving students which provide substantial relief to them. The University also caters for the residential needs of the selected students coming from other areas.mian

A unique feature of the University is its adherence to our ideological and cultural values while maintaining a progressive professional posture. The induction of students coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds, into the academic life of the University helps bring about a fair blend of tradition with modernity. It is a pleasure to provide them opportunities to get higher education through intellectual, moral and academic training which enables them to face the challenges of modern civilization. Accordingly, the University focuses on the overall personality development of the students through curricular, co-curricular and sports activities.

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